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Who/What to acquire next

March 18, 2011 | Tony Bain

Well as predicted, with Aster Data recently being picked up by Teradata most of the key new generation MPP distributed analytics vendors have been acquired (Aster Data, Vertica, Netezza & Greenplum).  This had to happen and was expected to happen.  The MPP Analytics startup “revolution” is over and these technologies will now be integrated into the mainstream.

So what’s next?  As we now, if you are a massive multi-national software company it is a lot less risky to incrementally innovate and leave the development of “game changing” technologies to startups that can be acquired after they prove both the tech and the market.  So what follows MPP?

NoSQL technologies seem the only likely candidate at the moment, although I think it is a few years too early for any major acquisitions to occur.  A key issue that would need to be worked through is what exactly is being acquired as most NoSQL platforms are open source / free (most MPP platforms were proprietary).  But nonetheless, as the market grows and starts to eat away at some noticeable level from the existing RDBMS market the major vendors will want a piece of that action and the frenzy will start again.  But this is still quite a while away yet.