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What’s hot in Big Data startups?

March 18, 2011 | Tony Bain

There are so, so many big data platforms in play at the moment it can be confusing for developers to know where to start.  For startups it used to be simple, MySQL, but dust clouds were created when all the NoSQL platforms started to crash the party 18 months or so ago.  But I do see the dust begin to settle and we are starting to see some market “leaders” appear.  A very unscientific approach is to list the technologies I hear about in the “big data startup” world on a daily basis.  These are, in no particular order:

  • MySQL – yes it is still very much hanging in there despite the Oracle acquisition.  MySQL has been helped by technologies such as AWS RDS and Xeround making it more digestible for big data startups who want to minimize operational overheads.
  • Redis – becoming very popular, surprising how much I hear about it.
  • MongoDB – being early, being focused and being well backed has its advantages.
  • Hadoop – well established, a staple in the big data analytics diet.

Of course there are many more that are doing well, many more which will certain niches – but this is my list of big data technologies that I would not go a day without hearing about a new project utilizing them in a core capacity.