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Top 10 interesting companies in Data Management

May 31, 2009 | Tony Bain

A bit of fun for a Sunday.  Below is the list of my top 10 interesting companies in Data Management right now.  Interesting to me means doing new stuff and being somewhat disruptive, or have a “watch and see” quality about them.  Note this is about companies not data management applications. 

While I find a bunch of other data management applications interesting (PNUTS, Cassandra, Redis etc) these aren’t really encapsulated in a company with a go to market strategy.

10gen – They are making interesting noises not sure about delivery yet
Amazon – SimpleDB is neat, but not a grown up data platform yet
Aster Data – Doing funky things with Map/Reduce
GroovyChannel – Are they nuts, they have to change the name of GroovyDB?! *
Kickfire – I love this appliance
The Monty AB Program – Is Maria the new “peoples” MySQL
MySQL  – Because who knows how the Oracle merger will pan out
PostgreSQL Global Development Group – Or is PostreSQL the new “peoples” MySQL?
Wistla – in stealth (shhhhhhh)

Ok you are probably thinking that’s only 9.  I will take feedback in the comments below to help me choose #10 as I am currently undecided on this one.

* Update: GroovyChannel is now know as Groovy Corporation and GroovyDB is known as SQL Switch.