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Microsoft to acquire DATAllegro

August 04, 2008 | Tony Bain

I have been mulling over the Datallegro acquisition by Microsoft for the last week, mostly because I have been too busy to get my thoughts down.  Anyway, my analysis is that it’s a good attempt to claw some of Oracle’s dominance in terms of revenue in the DBMS market, but in itself is not a game changer.  Just another sign that core RDBMS functionality isn’t going to be what the battles of the next few years focus on, it is all the bolt on features that surround it that will decide who edges ahead and who lags behind. 

Certainly the model is now going after specialty markets one by one, none of them alone add up to a lot but get enough of them then you start to make a dent.  So expect the core RDBMS to be sliced and diced in different ways, specialty products to continue to be the focus, and new an interesting licensing models to flow that will make one vendors product more compelling to a market segment that another’s.