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Maria Update

July 31, 2009 | Tony Bain

MySQL PanelImage by Sebastian Bergmann via Flickr

I had a quick chat with Michael Widenius today.  He is on vacation so tried to keep the call short.  Essentially spoke about two topics, Oracle & an update on Maria.

The Monty Program has 15 staff now.  Their focus is getting the MariaDB branch of MySQL ready for release, I understand they have a target of next month (August) for this release.  The Maria storage engine has been delayed for the time being with the focus being on the branch release instead.  PBXT and XtraDB will two of the storage engines included in this release.

The Open Database Alliance is a key initiative on the Monty Program, started in conjunction with Percona.  Essentially the ODA is a network of third part MySQL services organizations with an operating agreement between them.  The idea is to build a credible global support capability for MySQL outside of Oracle/Sun.  But also to provide the same structure to other open source database initiatives, such as Postgres.  If you are in the business of providing MySQL servies, or services to other open source database platforms, I suggest you check it out.

I think we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer before Oracle is in a position where it can start talking about its MySQL plans.  At this point however I would think that MySQL's path forward could be quite different to its recent past.  I originally planned to expand my thoughts on this here, but as this is and can only be speculation (as Oracle hasn’t made an official comments yet) maybe it is just better to wait and see.