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Is the Microsoft HoloLens the next big thing in Analytics?

May 04, 2016 | Tony Bain

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out the Microsoft HoloLens demos. While it is not widely available yet the developer edition is out and Microsoft is working with their partners to get applications built that make use of the holographic and augmented reality potential.

At first the HoloLens may look like an expensive toy, designed for gamers. Or you may see it as a tool limited to designers. But moving past that, the Microsoft HoloLens has significant potential in the field of data analytics. One of the key challenges of Big Data has been turning the outcome of analytics into a humanly digestible format, so it can be easily explored and understood. However there is a limitation on what you can show in 2D within the confines of a computer screen. The Hololens has an opportunity to change this. Adding an extra dimension to data visualisation combined with a 360 degree view may fundamentally change the way we present data in the future. In addition to data exploration, augmented reality may allow the outcome of analytics to be attached to the real world objects they relate too.

This is of course somewhat dependant on if Microsoft has got the Hololens right and don’t follow the same tease and revert path that Google famously did with the Google Glasses. If the HoloLens really is ready, this is a space that Microsoft can own from the get go with first mover advantage.