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Is Amazon about to Disrupt the Database Market?

April 30, 2016 | Tony Bain

My LinkedIn feed shows me Shawn Bice, former GM of database systems (SQL Server) at Microsoft is joining Amazon AWS as VP of Analytics. Assuming accuracy, Shawn has joined the likes of Hal Berenson (on the former Microsoft luminaries behind SQL Server), Raju Gulabani and Sundar Raghavan.

While AWS has for many years provided support for common database platforms via their EC2 and RDS options, more recently they have released their own transactional database platform AWS Aruora, and the AWS RedShift data warehousing platform. And to get you there, they have also recently released their database migration service for on-mass on-premise to cloud migration.

AWS seem to have realised that a keystone in winning in the cloud is winning the database. In the data centric world ahead, the data platforms are going to become core to how applications are architected and ultimately deployed. Within the cloud providing a comprehensive set of data services with (semi-) seamless integration, rapid deployment and op-tap scalability will be compelling in convincing developers and organisations to “buy into” that vendors stack.

AWS are actively hiring some of the best and brightest in database for what could be a double whammy if they can get it right. The last time I looked I think the database market on it’s own was a $30b+ market, but in the cloud winning with the database also likely means winning a customers complete cloud stack.

Of course, Microsoft and Oracle are formidable opposition and are arguably ahead of the in terms of developer and enterprise buy in. So it is not necessarily and easy path for ahead.  

I think I have been saying this continuously for the last 15 years; but it is (still) an interesting time to be in database.