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Investment in Relational?

March 09, 2010 | Tony Bain

I have noticed a sharp change of focus in venture funding for data orientated companies over the last six months.  Many VCs have lost some interest in funding data start ups that are doing anything around relational data management.  Instead the interest is in  NoSQL technologies, from key/value stores through to Hapdoop based data management layers.

I am highly supportive in the development, and therefore the funding, of a more diverse set of big data technologies than those based on the relational model alone.  However I also advise caution to not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Relational data management technologies continue to be a focus of innovation. There are companies working on game changing step forwards which have relational under-pinnings.

The relational model is going to continue to be the underlying model of most of the worlds structured data for the foreseeable future.  Many opportunities for innovation exist and will continue to exist around this fundamental model into the future.

A mindset that relational is yesterdays technology and non-relational is tomorrows defies conventional wisdom and will lead to great opportunities being missed.