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Database Management System Vendor Share

July 21, 2008 | Tony Bain

I have just finished reviewing IDCs Database Management Vendor Share results for 2007 and thought I would highlight some of the interesting results:

Microsoft’s SQL Server growth rate dropped from 25% in 2006 to 14% in 2007.  That has got to be a big concern over at Microsoft.  This basically shows they are not gaining market share from IBM and Oracle, just maintaining their current position and growing pretty consistent with market growth.  This puts a lot of expectations on the shoulders of SQL Server 2008.

Oracle’s 11G release nothing in terms of Oracle gaining any market share from Microsoft or IBM.  Oracles share relative to its 2 main competitors stayed constant during 2006 and 2007 at 112%.  Again introducing major releases to maintain the status quo instead of gaining new ground has to be a concern for everyone.

MySQL continues to have very low revenues and the lowest growth rate of any of the niche products, with revenues growing at a mere 10%.  This is below market growth, but significantly below that of a niche product finding its feet.  This is one to watch for next year to start to assess Sun’s impact.

Despite Oracle and Microsoft holding much of the media limelight, DB2 keeps trucking along giving up no market share to any competitor in over 3 years.  DB2 has maintained a consistent market share of 21% during this time.

The top 90% of the database market seems to be pretty well sewn up and locked in with the 5 top vendors for the near future.  However the remaining 10% (a No Content: 1.9b market) is highly flexible and offers significant opportunity to niche vendors with niche products.  Of course the top 5 will also be looking to this area to gain market share as it currently appears fruitless in trying to gain this off the other 4 key vendors, so expect more focus, acquisitions and innovation in the areas outside core RDBMS services.