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Aster Data’s breakaway move

November 12, 2009 | Tony Bain

Image representing Aster Data Systems as depic...

As I have mentioned before, the MPP data warehouse space is quite full with many new companies appearing over the last few years.  The trick for the newer entrants of course, is to differentiate themselves from the herd to overcome their lack of history and experience.

Aster Data has started to do this with the release of their v4.0 platform.  They are now promoting their focus as being on “Big Data Applications” rather than the more generic Big Data Warehousing.  This seems to have entailed a rethink about how they were positioning their in-database Map/Reduce functionality (which was obtuse in definition for me at least) and they are now marketing their in-engine code executing capabilities in a much clearer way.  That is, to allow the push down of application logic into the MPP environment making Aster Data an MPP Data Application Platform rather than a just a MPP Database Platform.  While this may largely just be a change in marketing and semantics (and a new logo), I do think this helps to make Aster stand out and offers them a more unique go to market. 

I have yet to look into the details of this, but in theory at least moving higher level application components down into the MPP environment would seem beneficial from a performance and robustness perspective.  Interestingly, Teradata has recently been working with SAS to move parts of their analytics stack down into Teradata’s stack.