How can startups contribute to AI as most of the data is in the hands of a few big corporations?

Big “data rich” companies may be interested in partnering with innovative start ups in win-win style relationships which allow the startup to develop out ideas and IP, and the company getting new value that may have been very costly, risky or complex for them to develop internally.

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Author: Tony Bain

Tony has 20 years experience building software and services business using advanced analytics, collaboratively using computers to do what they do best and empowering people to do what they do best. He is the co-founder of RockSolid SQL (now part of DXC Technology) and has grown the business to over 130 customers globally, and is also an adviser for LiquidityCube, one of the most exciting emerging fintech startups right now. Tony has written numerous books, articles and posts on data driven business and regularly presents at data focused conferences.